• Payment Policy & Fee Structure

Scope of Work

Program development, grant writing, grant team facilitation, and consulting services are contracted per project. Contracts will include a maximum fee for each project and an approximate time frame for each project to be completed.

Contracts will clearly state the scope of services, fees, and timelines. Costs per project vary depending on your needs and the specific project requirements.

Grant Readiness


This service includes a goal-setting session, review, and assessment of current grant portfolio and grant application materials; and creation of a customized grant readiness checklist.

Grant Search &


This service includes a goal-setting session; review and assessment of current grant portfolio and grant application materials.; identification of 20 grant opportunities; and creation of a grant prospect spreadsheet, application timeline, and prospect assessment.

Monthly Grant Retainer Packages

(6 Month Minimum Commitment)

This is best suited for ongoing work.

A range of hours per month is agreed to, and the fee is paid on a monthly basis. Retainer agreements are generally structured but can be adjusted based on client needs. Services can include any of the above and below services with the exception of strategic planning.

On a retainer agreement, we will complete a set number of grants and LOIs per month, in addition to creating a standard grant narrative and conducting a grant readiness assessment and grant search and evaluation. We will also keep track of grant deadlines, and requirements, and coordinate with your team to gather information and submit the grants.

For retainer clients, we work with organizations with budgets of at least $250,000 per year.

Contact us to discuss a retainer arrangement with your organization.

Fee Structure

Cost depends on the proposal’s complexity, the amount of information, and project duration. For Flat-fee projects, a 50% deposit is required to begin work, and the remaining half is due before the release of the final work product.


Under a retainer arrangement, a monthly retainer amount is set for a specific number of hours. Includes grant source research, proposal preparation, and ongoing consulting. Overall costs for researching, developing and writing grant proposals typically range from:


$1,500 – $3,000


$3,000 – $6,000


$6,000 – $9,000

We do not work on contingency, commission, or deferred payment. Leading grant writing professionals groups, including the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) and the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP), prohibit contingency pay.

As a member of the GPA, we adhere to this rule. Grant writing professionals charge a fair price for our services, and whether the grant is awarded, we still completed the work. Furthermore, grantmakers typically do not allow fundraising expenses, including the payment of a grant writer, to be a line item in the budget.

Finally, there are many factors that contribute to a grantmaker’s decision to award a grant or not, including an organization’s history of carrying out successful programs and making a significant impact on their community.

A well-written grant proposal is only one of many of these factors. For these reasons, we do not write grant proposals on contingency, commission, or deferred payment. Initial payment must be received before work can begin and full payment is due upon completion of the grant application, regardless of whether the grant is awarded.