Divine Writing &
Consulting Solutions

Empowering Nonprofits, Driving Impact

We are a strategic development consulting firm committed to empowering nonprofits to maximize their impact.

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation.
Our goal goes beyond simply providing services; we aim to become trusted partners and allies to nonprofit organizations, offering unwavering support and guidance in their journey towards creating positive social change.

DWCS takes a strategic approach to helping organizations achieve their objectives. With our integrated consulting approach, we act as an all-in-one growth service, partnering with community-centered organizations to drive meaningful impact. At DWCS, we are committed to empowering nonprofits to thrive. We offer a diverse range of services aimed at capacity building, enhancing organizational structures and procedures, and maximizing overall impact.

Services we provide

We provide non-profit development services to organizations in need of an operational reset. Our bottom-up approach completely re-designs how institutions should function for long-term growth and sustainability.

Grant Readiness

Prepare Your Organization for Successful Grant Applications and Project Execution.

Grant Management

Maximize Funds, Monitor Progress, Ensure Impact for Successful Project Outcomes.

Development & Evaluation

Craft Effective Initiatives, Measure Impact for Success.

Fund Development

Secure Resources, Foster Growth for Sustainable Organizational Success.

Grant Writing

Craft Compelling Proposals for Successful Funding Acquisition.

Grant Research

Strategically Explore Funding Opportunities and Impact.

Organizational Development

Cultivate Growth, Efficiency, and Excellence for Sustained Success.

Strategic Planning

Foster Growth, Efficiency, and Excellence for Sustained Success.

Training & Facilitation

Cultivae skills, fostering growth through interactive learning and collaboration.