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Divine Writing & Consulting is committed to providing exceptional development services to nonprofit organizations. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page offers answers to common questions about our services, fees, and process.

It’s considered unethical for grant writers to work on commission. We require payment, regardless of outcome. DWCS does not receive payment for services from the grant award. The most reputable grant professionals will NOT accept payment from the grant award as those funds are designed to fund the project described. Also, DWCS follows the standards of the Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics.

We work with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government entities, and healthcare organizations.

We specialize in grants supporting women, children, health, education and social justice offered through government grants and grant opportunities offered by foundations.

We don’t provide services to small businesses or individuals.

It is very difficult for new nonprofits to successfully apply for a grant. Most funders look for a long track record of success before even considering your application. And they’ll likely ask for three years of financial records as a requirement for submission. Further, you’ll likely be competing with long-established nonprofits for very limited grant money. There are a few exceptions, so we encourage you to check with us, but know that we may not encourage you to write a grant right away. If that’s the case, we may be able to help you work towards becoming “grant ready.”

There are many factors that influence a grant’s success: the strength of the applicant’s programs, board of directors, finances, objectives, and accomplishments; the funder’s (sometimes undisclosed) preferences; the competing applicants; and more. These factors are outside the grant writer’s influence; for that reason, we don’t track our firm’s grant writing success rate. We do, however, have a long track record of working with repeat clients who can attest to our skills and contributions.

There are very few grants available for starting a business. The vast majority of grant opportunities available are targeted toward nonprofit organizations. If you’re looking to launch a for-profit business with a grant, we suggest looking at opportunities through the Small Business Administration.

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